16 January 2019

Super League Pod sponsorship

We're looking for new sponsors for the 2019 season!

Be a part of a podcast with thousands of social media followers and hundreds of listeners and contributors every single week. Your sponsorship can help us take SLP to new places and play a part in what we give back to the Rugby League community each year.

There are a range of ways you can sponsor SLP in 2019:
  • You can be the main sponsor of an episode of our regular weekly show for a very competitive £10 per show. For this, you get a read-out in the show opening, a bio and link in the episode blog post and social media mentions when the show is released.
  • You can be a minor sponsor, sponsoring one of the weekly show segments, for £5 per show. For this, you will get a mention at the top of your sponsored section, a bio and link in the episode blog post and a social media mention when the show is released.
  • You can be a partner sponsor. There is no set rate for this type of sponsorship. The expectation is that you would be able to offer something else to the show other than just financial support (e.g. offer-codes, promotional support, support services, merchandising etc.). As a partner sponsor, you would get a mention in the close-out of every show as well as a bio and link in each episode blog post.
  • We're also open to expressions of interest to sponsor our occasional spin-off shows, SLP Shorts and SLP Debate Club. 
If you're interested in being a sponsor of Super League Pod please get in touch by email to superleaguepod@gmail.com.

As well as helping to pay our running costs and buy new equipment, the following charities and community clubs have benefitted from sponsor support of SLP in recent years:
  • Martin House
  • Teignbridge Trojans
  • Myton Warriors juniors
  • Newton Storm juniors
  • Sussex Merlins juniors
  • Warrington Wolves Foundation
  • South Ribble Rabbitohs
  • St Helens Academy tour

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