22 July 2019

Episode 231 - Stand Close, Save Ammo

Mark and Sarah join forces this week to chat over a controversial week in Rugby League - Wire recalling players, Leigh signing yet more men, the 20-40(!?) rule, Saints resting their stars, Bulls spitting their dummy out, and much more. Who is the obvious go to famous French person? Who needs to see the bolt gun? Who will win at Bolton? You'll get answrs to all these questions, even if the last one is the only one you care about! Kick the ball to me, its time for SLP.

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News from 12:30
Super League match reviews from 48:30
Other results from 117:30
Predictions from 127:15

On this week's show, we talked about a new book all about Rugby League - it's towns, it's team, it's culture. If you feel you've got a stroy to tell, get in touch with writer Matt Macaulay by email: mattmacaulay23@gmail.com

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