7 October 2015

2015 SLP Awards Voting Information

The season is coming to an end and plenty of awards have already been handed out.

Now its time to get your votes in for the most sought-after awards of them all - it's time for the 2nd Annual SLP Awards Season to get under way.

The 2014 "SLPies" were great fun and a great success. The 2015 instalment promises to do just the same, with some small changes to the awards from year one.

Full details on the awards on offer and how to get your votes in is given below. We hope that you all take the time to get involved.

There are no short lists, just tell us who you think deserves the award and we'll count all the votes received to name a winner.

Listener Voted Awards:

1) SLP Player of the Year
Previous winner:
2014 - Chris Hill

2) SLP Young Player of the Year (must have been aged 21 or under on 4 February 2015)
Previous winner:
2014 - Daryl Clark

3) Best Import 
Previous winner:
2014 - Luke Walsh

4) Worst Import
Previous 'winner':
2014 - Roy Asotasi

5) Most Underrated Player
Previous winner:
2014 - Oliver Holmes

6) Most Overrated Player
Previous 'winner':
2014 - Rangi Chase

7) Rugby League Beard of the Year
New Award for 2015

8) Clown of the Year Award for funniest/daftest/most entertaining/craziest player this season
New Award for 2015

9) The 'See You Next Tuesday' Award for general prickish behaviour in Rugby League
Previous 'winner':
2014 - Zak Hardaker

10) The 'Dr Bob Phillips' Award for Listener's Listener of the Year
(previously know as Twitter Follow of the Year, voted for by listeners in 2014)
Previous winner:
2014 - Dr Bob Phillips

How to Vote:

Listeners can vote for the 10 awards listed above simply by getting in touch with us using any of the normal methods.

You can comment below on this post. You can visit our Facebook page and comment on the post there. You can send us an email to superleaguepod@gmail.com. You can tweet your votes to @SuperLeaguePod. The choice is yours, but only one vote will be counted per listener, whatever platform you chose to vote on.

Host Chosen Awards: (named after the inaugural winners)

The 'Diane LBW' Award for Tweeter of the Year

The 'Scott Lister' Award for Facebooker of the Year

The 'Paul Campbell' Award for Fan of the Year

The 'Dar Garner' SLP International Listener of the Year Award

The 'Andy Barden' SLP Listener of the Year Award

Other ways to get involved in our 2015 Season Review:

Sick of just hearing our voices? Want your chance to be heard on SLP? This is your time to shine. 

We want you to send in reviews of your club's season in 2015. We want at least one from each of the 12 Super League clubs, but we'd also love to get one for each Championship and League 1 club as well if we can.

Your review should try to include your best player and young player, your favourite game or moment from the season as well as the high and low point of your club's year, but you can include anything you want to - it's your review of your club, so make it your own!

Pretty much any audio format is acceptable as we can convert if needed - the voice recorder on your phone or tablet will be more than adequate we expect. 

Try and keep them to around 3 minutes long and email it to us at superleaguepod@gmail.com by 24 October 2015. 

We can't wait to hear from you as well as count up your votes for the 2nd Annual SLPies.

Cheers for your continued interaction and support.
Mark & Tom