25 January 2020

Sponsoring & Supporting Super League Pod

We've revamped our sponsorship opportunities for 2020!

Be part of a podcast with thousands of social media followers and reach hundreds of ears every week! Become part of the very active SLP community. Your sponsorship can help us take SLP to new places and play a part in what we give back to the Rugby League community each year.

What does your support bring to SLP? Sponsorships and donations help us pay our podcast hosting running costs, replace and upgrade equipment and let us run some advertising for the show.

Even more than that, they help us help others! Here's some of the charities and community clubs have benefitted from sponsor support of SLP in recent years:
  • Martin House children's hospice
  • Candlelighters children's cancer charity
  • Teignbridge Trojans
  • Myton Warriors juniors
  • Newton Storm juniors
  • Sussex Merlins juniors
  • South Ribble Rabbitohs
How can you sponsor or support SLP? There's a few different ways:
  • Sponsor an Episode - For just £5 per episode, you can sponsor one of our shows. You'll get an ad read out at the start and end of the show, a bio and link on the episode blog post and your logo on the social media post for that episode, sitting at the top of our social media feed for a week. If you're interested, please get in touch by email to superleaguepod@gmail.com.
  • Be a SLP Partner - Can you offer something to the show to help us? If you have any skills, expertise or free-time that can help improve the content, quality or reach of the show, we'd love to have you on board. As a SLP Partner, you'll get a name check before the end of every show, as well as a bio and link in each episode blog post. If you're interested, please get in touch by email to superleaguepod@gmail.com.
  • Make a donation through PayPal - donations are greatly appreciated, however large or small. For the larger donors, we'll reward you with some SLP merch!
  • Follow & share - The most simple thing you can do to support us is follow us on social media, then like and share our posts - TwitterFacebookInstagram

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