31 August 2022

Episode 356 - Poundshop Tom Daley

Our second, and let’s hope the last ever, double header weekend of the year in Super League. So double the games, double the stats, double the refs faults and double the fall outs! You listeners have managed to give us fan views on most of the games in time for the show. We’ve got bad actors, bad morals and bad losers. We’ve got good youngsters, good tries and good comedy. We recap what has been decided so far, speculate at what is to come and run the rule over all the action from the fans eye view. 

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Episode running order:

03:30 Super League Round 25 match reviews
66:15 Super League Round 26 match reviews
124:30 Other results
132:45 Predictions
147:30 Quiz & Recommendations

Rugby League Record Keepers Club link: www.rugbyleaguerecords.com

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